Kazi Ziko Mayouth : The Best Ways To Be Selfemployed and Make Alot of Money Daily.


My fellow Kenyans we all know how difficult it is to get a job these days. The standards of living are very high, the economy is changing rapidly, you have academic documents but cant get a job, you are struggling to pay rent, borrowing and begging relatives pesa ya kutumia until they reject you, relatives want support from you and you spend a lot of money on fares travelling all over Kenya for job interviews but still they do not call you back. All these pressures and difficulties we go through every day, week, months, even years are so heartbreaking. Some Kenyans give up and go upcountry while some unfortunately end up doing crime and killing themselves.

Today i want to talk to you my fellow Kenyan about how to employ yourself and earn enough money to live a good life. I know what you are going through right now because i have been there, done that and experienced all the disappointments of looking for a job and failing every time. Mayouth we can do it if we are confident, believe in ourselves and work hard. So therefore here are some of the best easy and low capital businesses and side-hustles you can start immediately. Mayouth tuamke tutie bidii na tujiamini tujiajiri.

  1. Fruit businessIn this business you can start with capital as low as ksh. 500 to ksh.1000. All you need to do is first find a supplier where there are a variety of fruit types sold. this usually is large markets or upcountry where they sell cheaply in wholesale. Select the type of fruit and then at your local home residence market you can set up a small kibanda and sell or put in baskets and cut and sell while walking. The best fruits are.pineapples, watermelon, oranges and bananas.
  2. Sweet business

Here you need around ksh.1000 to ksh.5000 capital. First you get a wholesale supplier and buy the fast moving and selling sweet types. Then arrange your stock in a beautiful way and sell on a busy street or market and at the end of the day you will earn a good profit.

3.Potato business

This business you need to get a supplier of potatoes. They are usually in high demand as you can get market from customers, other sellers, hotels and fast food cafes. You will need as a start to buy two sacks of potatoes at ksh. 10000 or less. Then you go to the local market and arrange your products well in various quantities and sell at a profit.

4. Githeri and cooked cereals businessThis business is easily affordable and popular. You need jikos and sufurias. Buy sacks of maize, beans and ndengu at ksh. 10000 or less. Cook your food well and sell at good quantities to make a good profit daily.

5.Fruit juice and salad business

Here you need less than ksh.5000 capital to buy a variety of fruits like oranges, pineapples, mangoes and bananas. Then you prepare the juices at home and distribute in different containers. You can then sell at good quantities and prices at a busy market and make good profits.

6.Cake businessHere you need a small capital of ksh. 5000 to buy a variety of cake types from different suppliers, cut into various sizes and sell at busy markets and residence. With this you can earn more money than selling individual cakes.

7.Shoes and sandals businessHere you need a capital of ksh. 10000 to get materials to make homemade sandals or buy bales of shoes. You can sell the most needed type of shoes and sandals at good prices and make a good profit daily.

8.Tomatoes and onions businessHere you need ksh. 5000 capital to buy sacks of tomatoes and onions, arrange well your products at the market and sell at different quantities or even at you residence and earn good money daily.

9.Cereals businessHere you need around ksh.10000 to ksh. 20000 capital to buy sacks of a variety of cereals. Arrange well at the market and sell at profitable quantities and you can make double in profits daily.

10.Egg businessHere you need around ksh. 10000 to buy eggs from a wholesale supplier at ksh.10 each and sell at local markets at a profitable price to make a lot of profit. You can also boil the eggs and with kachumbari sell daily as fast food at ksh. 20 each and earn a lot of profit daily.

11. Bodaboda businessHere you can hire a bike and transport passengers daily from different locations at good prices and make generous profits daily.

Some other honorable mentions include: Mandazi and chai business, Chapati business, Mitumba business, Movies business, Shoe shiner business, Samosa business and Chips and bhajia business.

So therefore mayouth tunaweza kujiajiri. Usikae ukisema hakuna kazi. Get up na ujaribu because you wont be great if you do not start. Empower yourself, make teams and groups and support each other. I have also engaged in side hustles and i promise you when you are dedicated and patient enough you will make it.

Jiamini. Jiajiri. Jitahidi.

Thank you so much for taking your time to read this helpful article and i hope it will change your life in amazing ways!

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