Something is Just not Right : Khumalo on Billiat Incident

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According to Chiefs legend Doctor Khumalo something is not right. The game is played with too much anger and emotions nowadays. A number of players picked up some injuries and red cards this past weekend. Tackles were flying like nobody 's business. It does not look good on the eyes.

We understand players are showing passion for the game. They want to put up a fight on the field and they are prepared to die for their teams. However you don't have to break someone else's leg to prove how serious you are about the game.

In Chiefs game against Marumo Gallants. A player from the opposition team tackled Billiat very hard as he was lying down, another player from Gallants blasted the ball on Billiat face while he was still down why?

There was another career ending tackle when Royal AM locked horns with TS Galaxy. Players they don't even show remorse for what they did after a horrible tackle.

Children are watching their role model on TV. They will start thinking this is part and parcel of the beautiful game it is normal. This not good as people on the bench can also react to such incident. We have seen so many injuries some are quite deliberately and provocative.

According to Khumalo having two red cards in a single game it tells a story of anger or some sort of retaliation from players.

We understand that the game has evolved. It is now faster that before and more intense. However just kicking a man without the intention of playing the ball is not right. This is not good for advertisement for our beautiful game. It looks very ugly.

PSL is amongst the best league in the world. We can't risk the reputation of the brand. It is high time the chairman of the clubs deal decisively with culprits, if it means players gets a fine then let it be.

Lepasa have been out for a long time. Lets take note.

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