Corona Virus - It's Effects.


There is no denying the fact that covid 19 has had numerous effects to the body and nation as a whole. In the subsequent paragraphs are detailed effects of covid 19 to the body and nation.

To set the wheels in motion, the covid 19 has reached the length and width of the world,it has killed millions of people in less than two years. The virus is gotten through touching infected items and coming into contact with infected persons since, they carry the virus and can transmit it easily. The virus a dangerous damage in the lungs. The virus go and weaken the lungs leading to loss of breath.

Furthermore, the virus has also caused economic instability in the country. The country's level has declined. As a result, leading to rise of prices of goods in the market . All goods which are sold in the market have increased prices. The prices of tax has also been increased in the country.

We must put all hands on deck to wipe away this ill because, a stitch In time saves nine.

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