May The Lord Have Mercy On This Generation: See What This Young Girl Was Caught Doing

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This Is Why I Left My Teaching Job - Social Media Reacts To JHS Female Student's Slay Queen Dance Moves

Instead of concentrating on academia and positive educational activities that can propel them to great heights in life, the youth are more concerned and interested in learning and consuming things that make them a nuisance to the nation.

A video trending on social media captured a Junior High School student shaking her back assets to the camera in her classroom. No debate or argument can justify the actions of this young student.

The dance skills she exhibited put some doubts about her actual age because it is quite scary and worrying to grasp your head around the fact that this young lady possessed such confidence to exhibit such flagrant behavior.

Many social media users who chanced on the video rebuked and scolded the young lady in the comments section and some even predicted that she was on her way to becoming a failure, slay queen, or even a dropout due to teenage pregnancy.

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