Lowest Paid Teacher to Earn Ksh 59,425 and Highest Sh153,715 if Latest Deal is Approved by TSC

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Teachers will smile all the way to the bank incase their representatives in the unions will manage to negotiate a possible increment in their salaries.

Details have revealed that they are pushing to have a common meeting with the Chief Executive Officer in charge at the Teachers Service Commission Dr Nancy Macharia.

If this plan materialises, teachers will have their salaries increased with the lowest Paid Teacher set to take home Ksh 59,425 from the current Ksh 34,955.


The Kenya Union of Post Primary Education Teachers (Kuppet) argues that the economy has recovered from impact of Covid-19 pandemic and now wants the highest-paid teachers to take home Sh153,715, up from Sh118,242.

This comes months after they signed an empty deal with the Teachers Service Commission that saw teachers miss out on possible salary increment after having had several meetings with the TSC CEO Dr Nancy Macharia.

However, some Kenyans have argued that it will not be possible to have the TSC increase the salary of teachers since they have already announced that they are seeking to increase the staffing in schools.

TSC may argue that they have used more resources in recruitment of teachers and hence use the CBA that was signed to cripple down Teacher's Unions.

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