10 Times Emilia Brobbey and Martha Ankoma proved fame goes with decency


Many female celebrities we see nowadays are fan of exposing their bodies being it a photo shoots or videos but there are few of them who you will never see them exposing their bodies on social media and Emilia Brobbey and Martha Ankoma are one of them.

Today, I present to you 10 times Emilia Brobbey and Martha Ankoma proved that fame goes with decency.

Emilia Brobbey

One of the female celebrities who are decent is Emilia Brobbey. Emilia Brobbey is one of Ghana's best female actresses who have won a lot of awards. Aside acting, Emilia Brobbey is also a TV presenter who is now venturing into Music.

Martha Ankoma

Another female celebrity who is very decent is popularly ghanaian actress Martha Ankoma. Ghanaian actress, model, and film producer Martha Ankomah is a favourite in the niche. She easily tops as one of the most sought-after and interesting characters in the Ghanaian entertainment industry. Aside she being decent, she is also scandal free.

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