End Time Pastor: See What Obinim Was Caught Doing With His Wife Again


According to the teachings and doctrine of Christianity as a true Religion, the holy book "Bible", precisely in the book of Revelation told us that, a time shall come when a lot of activities which were not initially in existence, during the time of our forefathers who spread the gospel of our LORD JESUS CHRIST across the globe, will be witnessed in our own era. Irrespective of the fact that the forerunners of Christianity strived that we all shall abide by the rules given to us by GOD, some so-called men of GOD still engage in some act that virtually, are signs of end time which does not bring Glory to the name of GOD.

On the contrary, Bishop Obinim of Ghana is a renowned Man of GOD, who has shown great zeal and selfless service when it comes to the things of GOD. In as much as he has perform a whole lot of signs and wonders, perform all kinds of miracles, let us be guided that the Bible that "the gift of GOD Is without repentance". Am not insinuating anything ungodly about any man of GOD in Ghana, but let us all be guided.

A lot of Ghanaian have seem not to be Happy over what Bishop Obinim was caught doing with his wife Again. Some persons has expressed their dissatisfaction over the photos that Bishop Obinim, and his Wife "Reverend Obofour" shared on their personal Social media accounts. Some persons were of the Opinion that as a Man of GOD, there are some attitudes that you shouldn't display on social media. That not every picture should be seen on the social media account of a Man of GOD, because the whole World are watching whereas many Christians will copy your lifestyle. Some added that the type and Nature of Clothes, hairstyle, handbags and makeup of a pastor's wife, should be Godly and decent considering the fact that, some young ladies will take such woman of GOD as their role models. Some activities of some men of GOD Ranging from Pastors, Bishops, Evangelist, Prophet and Prophetess, pave for some none-Christians to say things about Christianity as a Religion.

Meanwhile, Bishop Obinim as we all know is the founder and the General overseer of "International Godsway Church, and he is also the founder of the Anointed Palace Church in Ghana. Believe me when I say am not here to judge anybody, but we all should be mindful of our activities before the General public, because the world is watching and are interested to know what Christianity is all about.

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