"Kenya Needs A President Who Can Rabashanta" Tangatanga MP Now Claims


With the impending general elections come in a year's time, every aspiring leader is now seeking votes by all means.

William Ruto has been seen heading to churches every Sunday to pray and seek votes, Odinga on his side has been riding with president Kenyatta across the country on development agendas. Mudavadi and Kalonzo have also been seen trying all means to gain popularity to be the flagbearers of the NASA side.

During today's church service held at New Breed City Chapel, Kiambu Road, Kiambu county attended by the deputy president William Ruto, George Theuri the Embakasi West Member of parliament has claimed that Kenya needs a president who can rabashanta.

His statements simply mean a leader who prays to God and goes to church every day.

DP Ruto has been in church every given Sunday praising God, even though his rivals see his attendance as simply political and never about serving God. He has been donating lots of cash to churches and this also has not been taken likely by his opponents.

Time will tell if indeed Ruto is right and his opponents are wrong to criticize his ways. To watch the video click here.

What do you of this, does Kenya needs a leader who goes to church every Sunday? Share your thoughts on this.

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