How "NobodyLikeWoman" Challenge May Affect Some Relationships And Why It Should Be Stopped


The social media is no doubt rich with contents. Every now and then, social media users come up with some CHALLENGES either for the fun of it or to send a strong message to the society. In all, no matter the goals the initiators of the Social Media Challenge may have in mind, one thing is certain ; it adds value to the lives of the participants and also make their usage of the social media fun filled and fascinating.

(Picture of Simi that was uploaded to commence the Challenge. Source || Simi's Instagram page)

Among other social media challenge that have existed on social media is the latest, which was initiated by a popular Nigerian female singer, Simisola Kosoko popularly known as Simi, wife to a Nigerian male artiste, Adekunle Gold with the hashtag, #NobodyLikeWoman. The Challenge started few days ago on Instagram by the sonorous singer. The essence of the challenge was to expose some of the misconceptions the society may have had about the female gender. As part of the participation, participants are required to upload a "black and white" picture of themselves with some inscriptions written on it to express their thoughts about what they may have personally experienced because of the gender they belong to. In all honesty, the Challenge is a good and applaudable one because it will succeed in exposing some of the ill things said about the female gender and possibly bring about a change in the evaluation of the personalities of women in our society.

(Simi. Source || Google image)

However, just like every other challenge that may have taken place on social media in the past, some of the participants are likely to abuse it by using it as an opportunity to get at men in general. If you have been following the trend mostly on Instagram where Simi initiated the challenge few days ago, you will understand that some of the inscriptions may be exaggerated by the participants because they may not have had any of the experiences they wrote about themselves in the pictures they uploaded.

How will it affect relationships? One may ask. Some of the ladies participating in the Challenge may get careless and say certain things their partners may have said to them in the past in their relationship. Needless to say, the men involved will take offence from those revealed things which will eventually create discord between them. There is every chance of some relationships having misunderstandings and possibly ending if not well managed.

(Simi. Source || Google image)

Why the #NobodyLikeWoman Challenge should be stopped.

The earlier the challenge is stopped, the better for everyone because, aside it possibly affecting some relationships negatively, there is every possiblity of inter - gender conflict arising from it in the long run. We can't rule out the reality of individual differences in perception among people. Some men may feel attacked by some of the inscriptions written on the pictures of the participants. It won't go down well if some men eventually come up with a similar Challenge which will target the female gender.

What do you think? Should the Challenge continue or be stopped as I suggested? Let your thoughts be known in the comment section.


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