Singer Vivian and her lover Sam West Unfollow Each other on Instagram

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One of the most famous Kenyan female musician and songbird Vivian and her lover Sam West have unfollowed each other on Instagram.

The two lover birds have been very silent and even on fathers day Vivian didn't post Sam West. They used to do content together but for the past two months they haven't doing it. Both Vivian and Sam West have not shared photos of them hanging out together as husband and wife for sometime now.

Here is the link to the full Information on Instagram.

Here is the screenshot of the full Information on Instagram.

Vivian and Sam West had been having some relationship issues and there is even a moment they parted ways for a while and reunited. However this time round it seems like things are not in order. In one of the interviews Vivian has ever revealed that her husband Sam West is usually very insecure hence he is always there when she is shooting any video project with any male artist.

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