What Next For Jubilee Party Has UDA Win Two Major Seats In The Last By-Elections


Yesterday was a big day day for the political state in Kenya has both major parties had their candidates to compete in the three by elections held in Juja constituency,Bochari constituency and Rurii ward.

The three major parties that is Jubilee,UDA and ODM.In Juja constituency the competition was between two candidates who seemed to have a bitter race.Though it's said to be Murathe's home ground and the President ,it didn't come as expected because the Hustler Nation emerged as the winners.

George Koimburi won the race which was seen to have riots , Threats and a relentless smear campaign. Once again, as always, the Power of the People has conquered because Kenya is a Democratic country it's the Citizens who choose their leaders.

In Bonchari constituency the competition also was very tough but ODM candidate Amieke emerged the winner with many votes ahead of the UDA candidate who emerged the second.

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