Details Reveal How Lusaka Recently Embarrassed Ruto and Kenya Kwanza Leaders Who Had Met At Karen

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There is a growing belief among many politicians that the Deputy President has successfully managed to take over both Parliament houses ahead of the highly anticipated August polls. 

The Kenya Kwanza alliance team recently welcomed Speaker Of the National Assembly Justin Muturi and His Counterpart in the Senate Kenneth Lusaka after the pair agreed to join them. 

Since the signing of the Pact, Muturi has been very vocal against Uhuru's government. The Speaker has criticized how the President has been running the country through loans that are used to fund corruption in the country. 

Muturi's transformation from being Uhuru's loyal servant to becoming Ruto's attack Dog gas caught many by surprise. Speaker Lusaka on his part has so far maintained a low-key approach. He has yet to criticize the government and has remained silent since his move to the Kenya Kwanza Alliance was finalized. 

It has now emerged that The speaker recently left Kenya Kwanza Principles with an egg on their face after he deliberately Snubbed an event that had been organized to unveil him as the joint Kenya Kwanza Candidate in the Bungoma Gubernatorial race. The Principals waited for him but the speaker did not show up leaving the Big politicos high and dry. 

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