3 Common Reasons Why Some Good Dreams Don't Come to Pass.

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There are 3 common reasons why some good dreams don't come to pass. These 3 reasons are have nothing to do with the devil. The devil attacks the dreams of people, but those people are the ones who would determine the effectiveness of that attack. You can never be defeated untill you tell yourself that you are defeated. Hence, the dreams of people would not come to pass when they yield to the attack of the devil. And people yield to the attack of the devil when they do these 3 things. They are the ones that can prevent a good dream from coming to pass. Without further ado, they are:Photo used to illustrate a person whose good dreams did not come to pass.

1. Laziness to Work Towards the Dream:

Yes! God has given you a good dream. It could be a dream of academic success, or the dream of wealth. The bottom line is, if you don't work towards that dream, it would never come to pass. Joseph in the bible had a dream of success. When he got to Egypt, he started working for his Egyptian master, Portipher. When he got to prison, he also had a responsibility. That responsibility was being the caretaker of the prisoners in the ward. So, you can see that Joseph had to do some form of work at every point in his life to accomplish his dream. God has said in his word that he would bless the works of our hands. If there is no work, there can never be a blessing. You must work towards your dream. You cannot stay at a place and expect manna to fall from heaven. Therefore, I advice that you destroy laziness so that you can accomplish your good dreams.Photo used to illustrate a lazy person.

2. Faithlessness:

It is one thing to work, and another thing to have faith in your work. You cannot work for something and continue to have some form of doubt. Jesus said that if we have faith like a mustard seed, we would move mountains. Without faith, our work would be like pouring water on a rock. Faithlessness kills dreams. It is one of the major reasons why some good dreams don't come to pass. So, if you want your good dreams to come to pass, have faith and work towards it.Photo used to illustrate the need for faith.

3. Lack of Prayers:

Anything committed into the hands of God is safe and secure. He would surely see it to the end. If you don't pray to God, God would not answer you. You have to commit your dream into his hands. Pray against any enemy that would want to abort your good dreams. Most good dreams are aborted because of lack of prayers. Prayer is one of the strongest forces on earth. Hence, it is important that you employ this weapon, and use it to enforce your dreams. As you do so, God would bless you in Jesus Name. Amen.Photos used to illustrate the need for prayer.

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