After 4 Years Of Dating, Man Tells Girlfriend His Parent Will Not Support Him Marrying From Her Tribe


A 4 year-old relationship between Alfred and Miracle is about to hit the rocks after Miracle,the girlfriend found out her boyfriend may not marry her because of her tribe.

Trouble began after Alfred introduced his girlfriend, Miracle to his parents as mere colleague and not his girlfriend.

Miracle then insisted to know why Alfred introduced her as a colleague ,then she got the shock of her life.

Alfred said his parents still acknowledge Alice, his ex girlfriend as his main girl and that they are attached to her already.Informing them about break up with Alice and introducing her(miracle ) as his new girl will definitely break their heart and that she should give him time.

But Miracle insist that ;four years was more than enough to prepare whatever he had to tell his parents inorder for them to adjust.But things got worse when Alfred revealed to Miracle that her tribe doesn’t “sit well” with his parents.

Meanwhile Miracle had informed Alfred about her tribe on their second date.She is however disappointed that Alfred kept the tribe saga away from her for 4 years.

Below is the full whatsApp conversation that ensued between Alfred and Miracle as shared on Twitter by @postsubman

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