All Time Favourite Fashion Content Creators


I am that girl who is all about the good looks and having girls out there who show me how to pair stuff is just a plus. Some of my favourite are not kenyan but still rock that fashion good. Others sensitive people on body positivity and loving yourself, as girls we come in all shapes , colours and sizes so knowing that and embarrassing it is key, for one it will help you know how to dress your body type and second you'll know what kind of clothes compliment you.

1. Joy kendi

She's a kenyan content creator who is not afraid to go all out . Her fashion sense is on another level she shoots her pictures and this goes to show you how much she's invested in her career.

2. Jalisae vaughn

This american blogger sensitizes people on being comfortable in your own skin. Her makeup is bomb too.


She's french and all about fashion . Her style is edgy and together with her boyfriend makeup a handsome pair who are in love with fashion.

4 wabosha maxine

She's mostly into makeup and had done exceptionally well at that . Being the youngest in this list she established herself pretty early.

5. Miss nyawi

Miss nyawi is mostly found on instagram. Her love for fashion is beyond passion, she inspires many girls into better dressing .

6. Natalie tewa

She's a YouTuber who loves travelling . Fitness is also her thing. She dresses very well and is one of those people that anything looks good on her.

7. Mikeila j

She is mostly on tiktok. Her dressing is quite impressive and the fact that anything looks cute on her is quite amazing.