Khaligraph Shows Antoneosoul Who is the OG on Live Television


Speaking live on k24, Antoneosoul had this to say to Khaligraph, "i think that the biggest rappers in this country are like Kitsua, the problem I have with you is that who decided and put the crown on you that Khaligraph is the King of rap?

The OG responded and dissed Antoneosouls cheap seat in the studio while he was seated on a lavish chair. the second question was, "They say fake it till you make it, Khaligraph what happens if you do not make it?"

The OG told him that he was in a better position to answer that question.

People might think this to be rude of Khaligraph, but let us face the facts, he is the best rapper in East and Central Africa. he has done collabos with reputable musicians like Sarkodie. There mere fact that Antoneosoul says he is not the king of rap, he disrespected the OG. That response was well suited.