Reasons Why Victor Osimhen Is Better Than Lukaku

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Currently, Victor Osimhen and Lukaku are the two best players that carry special places in the heart of all football fans who watch the EPL and the Serie A.

Both of them have conserved forms and have also maintained their names on the score sheets for long periods

On the other hand, Lukaku the Chelsea forward has been having a hard time trying to increase his score in the EPL even as he starts better.

Still, a lot can be said about his rendition with the Belgium team as he has scored several goals on international duty.

Osimhen, on the other side, has also kept a remarkable run with 5 goals for his club this season.

The Napoli forward is also credible for Nigeria's progression to the World Cup playoffs as he did well in the attack.

hat aside, there are also two things that he is currently doing better than Lukaku.

1. Most Scoring often

Without any thoughts, Lukaku has been a great striker and has scored numerous goals for his clubs and National team.

But presently, Osimhen is doing that better than the Belgian as looking at their league records, Osimhen has earned five goals while Lukaku is with just 3 goals

2. Resisting markers

This is another province in which Osimhen is doing better than Lukaku.

It is always hard to mark him out of a match and prevent him from agreeing on with the ball.

Even when he can not score, he makes a useful assist that leads to something.

But in Lukaku's case, sometimes he is inclined to be excluded from a game when he is marked heavily, especially when playing as a point man.

defenders have also been succeeding in keeping him quiet in many games by simply man-marking him.

That can be seen as the reason why his goal score is suffering.

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