3 Common Idols That Most Christians Worship Without Knowing It.

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There are three common idols that many Christians worship without knowing it. These statues are not statues. On the contrary, our discussion today may not be so. Before I go any further, I want to tell you what an image is. An image can be said to be anything that is worshiped in a circular or direct sense. To worship one another means that one cannot do anything without it. Instead, the object is the one who controls the day-to-day affairs of that person.

 For a Christian, an image can be seen as anything that is set above God. This means that you must not bow down to anything or any idol. Simply putting that thing above God is considered idolatry. Idolatry has its consequences. That is why we must avoid it at all costs. However, one needs to have knowledge of these idols, and know the season in which they worship or not. And, the idols that many Christians worship are:

 1. Their Phones:

 With the advent of mobile phones, we may be surprised that weather people can live without it. Using a cell phone is good. But it turns into idolatry when used in the time dedicated to God. This means that your cell phone becomes an image when you use it at church (when prayer work is done), when you use it for breaks, when you use it in the morning and at night prayer time, and when you use it when you need to make your bible. This is a serious matter. Many have fallen into the trap of this unknowingly. If you find yourself doing this, I would recommend that you change. This is a message for you, and it is a message for me too.

 2. Their Work:

 There are some people who give a lot of money to their work and do not need to do God's work. I’m not saying don’t just focus on your job. What I am saying is that you too should be active in God's work. Why should a Christian sleep during church hours, when his eyes are open to meetings that last more than five hours? This should not be the case. You must remember that it was God who gave you this work, and he used it to praise his name. He didn't give you to stay away from him. Please, let us keep busy in God's service. It is our Father's work, and we must do it better than we do ourselves.

 3. Fashion:

 It is sad to say that there are people who want to dress more than worship God. How can a Christian keep his balance when he goes to church without clothes on? This should not be the case. Or are we coming to a church to show off? It's better to wear what you have than to skip church. Make sure that it is clean and not dirty. The Bible does not say that you should wear clothes before going to church. When Jesus was on a preaching tour, he did not tell the people what to wear. Therefore, it is important that you see how we can pray for our dress. It's too bad.

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