Checkout 7 Health benefits and uses of bitter cola to the body


Today I want to share 7 health benefits and uses of bitter cola to the body.

1.Snake bite, if you encounter snake bite, chew it immediately to noilify the poison in your body.

2.Seized menses, if you're going through this, please, peel the bitter cola, slice it to shapes, soak in water for one week and then drink it first thing in the morning on an empty stomach..

Note: If your menses seized for years, get as many bitter cola as you can, grate it and put in a container, add dry gin, soak for two weeks and take it twice a day, morning and night.

3. Blocked tubes, grind it and soak the bitter cola with ginger in dry gin for about fourteen days then take one short in the morning and one at night. On an empty stomach. At least your last meal for the day should end by 4pm

4.For diabetes, chew at least 4 pieces everyday to help regulate your sugar level.

5.For stomach pain and ulcer,

Slice and soak in dry gin, drink a short after meal everyday.

6.For general infection, grate bitter cola as many as you can, soak it in dry gin and drink about two spoons when you wake up in the morning on an empty stomach, after one hour, you eat your food.

7.For system cleaning, boil the bitter cola after peeling in a pot, add water to your desire and drain it to a flask and drink it warm every morning. If you're pregnant chew it, it will help make you thirsty so you drink plenty of water and flush your system of toxins.