So Sad; Newly-Wed Bride Succumbs to Covid-19, Leaves Behind a One Month Baby (Photos)


It is a tragic beginning of the week for the loved ones of a youthful and recently marries lady, Daisy Rwari who has succumbed to covid-19.

Marriage is a fresh start for a couple. And keeping in mind that we pledge "until the end of time" The 'till' is intended to be so long in our brains.

A period after we have battled and made up, brought up kids, had grandkids and seen our accomplices' hair become dark. Be that as it may, as we plan, God has his ways as well and to every one of us, an opportunity to leave from the world.

For Daisy, it was a period not a long way from her wedding. The couple got had their pre-wedding in 2020 and tied the knot this year. Daisy is decreased by three youngsters, one being a month old child and her husband.

Daisy has been grieved by numerous companions and former classmates, large numbers of whom were sad that Daisy has left the world.

 Rewari's secondary school friend who is recognized as Brenda Bams on Facebook shared a sympathy post, 

"For reasons unknown, I thought it's April fool's first, I had to trust the source since I was unable to accept that you are gone my love, Rwari Daisy.

I perpetually will esteem the minutes we shared in secondary school and the kinship we had, your adoration will never be forgotten, RIP my secondary school best friend, I don't have the foggiest idea how to live my fantasies without. May God solace your husband and your whole family." 

"I feel as though it's a fantasy, truly she wouldn't have left now, please God" Edrin Natukunda Mujasi remarked on Facebook. 

Go well, Daisy. Our most profound sympathies to your loved ones.

Here are the photos that were taken during the wedding.