Actor Browny Says Her Daughter Resembles Him In Everything, Gives Her A New Name (Photos)

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Many times children of celebrities catch the attention of fans and admirers. As they grow up they tend to resemble their parents. Nollywood stars are blessed with daughters who look like them. Browny Igboegwu is one of those who have a beautiful daughter who resembles him. Since the birth of his baby, he has always emphasized that she looks so much like him.

The on-screen personality is a happy and proud father indeed. It is undeniable that there is a striking resemblance between him and his pretty daughter, Ugochalacha Kosisochukwu Pearl. Recall that Browny caused a sensation on the social media when he shared a testimony of they were mocked because of his wife's barrenness. However, God blessed them with a lovely baby girl.

The popular actor gave her daughter a new name in his recent post on Instagram. He called her "Urennaya" meaning her father's resemblance in Igbo language. Browny also said that she resembles him in 'squeezing of face' and shared the pictures. The lovely baby is looking adorable in the pictures.

Here are the photos and post.

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