Venda Men Were Severely Beaten By The Community For This

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If nothing is done, the current crime rate will only increase. Some of those who commit crimes are never caught or punished, while others seem to have a knack for evading justice. As an alternative to always calling the police, communities will sometimes decide to handle problems themselves.

According to reports, the community gave these two men the beating of their life after discovering their suspected illicit activity.

People in Western Ha sinthumule (TSHIOZWI), near the Venda town of Makhado, took matters into their own hands and dealt with the two who were feared to be terrorizing the area.

The Tshiozwi people supposedly banded together and dealt with these criminals. A few commenters have expressed their approval of the methods used to deal with the offenders in question. Some have even remarked that they will no longer be afraid to let their kids to go play outside. We can only hope that these crooks have now seen the light and will be apprehended for all their misdeeds.


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