Update: Rents prices in some places in Accra you may likely want to know


As I toured some places to give you an insight of some prices of rooms in Ashaiman, Teshie, Lapaz and Amasaman, today, I will am taking you through some areas you may also likely want to rent rooms available and their prices.


After touring Osu area for about 1 hour, rooms that I encountered their owners were relatively cool but others were also high. All depends on the type of area you want. Osu is one of the most busiest area in Greater Accra due to some well known businesses around that area.

A single bedroom self contain ranges from 250GHC-300GHC. A two bedroom self contain ranges from 800GHC going. This tells that if you are a low income earner, choose wisely before renting at Osu.


A single bedroom room with porch in Tema was 200GHC. For about 10 available rooms that I asked, the price was the same. Meaning, they have agreed on a fix price for all types of rooms within that general area. So you cannot ask of a price of a room and move somewhere thinking of a different or lesser price. The prices are the same and it's quite high which the rent control department has to come in.


Nungua is also one of the busiest place in Accra. Prices of rooms was quite moderate as compared to those listed above. A single room prices from 100GHC to 150GHC and even less if your seriousness in renting the room is high.

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