5 Reasons Why You Should Eat A Handful Of Tiger Nuts Regularly

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Just like it is rightly said, we are what we eat. Our body is wired in a way that it responds and reacts to what we inject into it. There are certain foods that our body requires in order to remain functional at all times.

Tiger nut is one of it. Gradually, it is becoming known all over the world because of the inherent benefits it has, including essential amino acids.

Tiger nut is very rich in vitamins, minerals, fibre and other nutrients that help to boost our immune system. Tiger nut has high milk content and protein with low fat.

Aside all these, the question is, what are the reasons why we should eat a handful of tiger nut everyday? Read on.

1. Tiger nuts help us to lose weight. This is to say that those undergoing their weight loss journey is at advantage here.

2. Eating tiger nut regularly helps our food to digest well.

3. Regular eating of tiger but reduces cholesterol level and improves the functionality of our hearts.

4. Tiger nut also helps to fight infections and menstrual problems: Infection is one of the diseases apparent in humans. Tiger nuts helps to remedy it.

Again, due to presence of magnesium in tiger nuts, it helps to eliminate menstrual pains.

5. It also reduces blood sugar levels because of its high fibre content.

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