People Have Mixed Reactions to Malemas Comment About Scraping the Tender System


Julius Malema is surely one to talk, and is totally not afraid to address the ruling party and the president of the country head-on. The Economic Freedom Fighters commander and chief has been taken to his Twitter account and posted something about tenders and what they will do about them when they gain control of the country.

Malema said in the post that when they take power they will do away with tenders, causing mixed reactions on the famous social media app. This surely comes after there has been a lot of cases and arrests pertaining to corruption and misappropriation of funds by tenderpreneurs and corrupt government officials.

The state capture commission of inquiry was solely implemented for this reason, to investigate the corrupt dealings of some high profile people with regards to tenders. The tender system was developed and implemented back inin 2003 in the country to help utilize the procurement presses to help address the economic balances of the past, also to help black entrepreneurs and black owned businesses to get ahead and to create jobs.

Most government officials have abused the system and have used their power to manipulate the system and help enrich themselves and their families. Malema was also implicated in some tender fraud some while back and SARS gunned for his head and demanded a large sum of of money from him in unpaid taxes.

People recalled this situation of Malema and commented about in on the post. Here are some reactions to what Malema had to say about the scraping of tenders:


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