How Mudavadi's Anticipated Declaration Could Wreck Or Shape Raila's Statehouse Journey

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All is set for 23rd January which is a big day for ANC party leader Musalia Mudavadi who has promised to give a declaration that is set to shake the country like a tsunami.

There is three anticipated options for Mudavadi and all have a great effect on Raila's presidential bid; either to back Raila Odinga, back Ruto or run as a presidential candidate through OKA movement through the support of OKA Principals.

Western Kenya registered voters make over 2m votes, the region for a long time has been Raila's stronghold. Could Mudavadi back Raila Odinga it will be over 2m added advantage to Raila's ballot box. However, it he backs Ruto or run by self it means Raila will be minus 2m votes.

It should be noted that in the 2017 general elections under the support of Mudavadi Raila and other alliances he got 6.8m votes, this means he will be plus or minus 2m votes considering Mudavadi's move.

Mudavadi's Anticipated Declaration is also a big win or lose for Raila Odinga in his presidential quest in the coming general elections.

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