Kiambu Governor James Nyoro Issues Tough Warning to These Top Officials Serving in his Government


Kiambu county governor James Nyoro has issued a stern warning to doctors and fake veterinary officers who harass livestock farmers within his county and are currently serving in his government.

Mr Nyoro said the fraudulent officers found in his government would have no choice but to order their arrest and prosecution.

“They must be arrested and the law must take its course. It should be clear that those who should serve are qualified and accredited through the relevant institutions, ”the governor told Taifa Leo.

Secretary in the Ministry of Livestock, Mr Harry Kimtai previously announced that the central government has put in place special strategies to hire veterinarians in each state, to help address the problem of counterfeit officers with food, minerals and counterfeit livestock products.

"Later we will make sure each county gets one inspector. We want the livestock sector in the country to be strengthened, ”Mr Kimtai said.

Secretary in the Ministry of Livestock, Mr Harry Kimtai (with microphone) says the government has put in place ambitious strategies to help deal with the harassment of counterfeit livestock officers and counterfeit livestock products.

Even though Nyoro says he is aware of the presence of fake livestock officers, he said the performance of veterinary services should be enforced by county governments but not central government.

“The annoyance of fake veterinary officers is similar to that of human doctors. Livestock activities are the responsibility of the county government. The agricultural and livestock sector has been disbanded, under the 2010 Constitution, ”he stressed.

The governor said the national government should emerge with appropriate laws and strategies, which will be followed by county governments to strengthen livestock services in the country.

"What we are asking for from the central government is to create special laws. For example, if Kiambu manages diseases, and then other counties fail, or some succeed, Kiambu will collapse, we will not take any further steps to improve livestock services, ”he explained.