Bride Prize Should Be Given Second Thought Today- Opinion


Whoever invented bride prize ought to have left some restrictions and guidelines to lead future generations on how to go about it. Dowry has lost the meaning for which it was intended and has now become so commercialized that the boy child is worried they may not make it to marry.

Dowry is simply a token that was given as appreciation to the wife-to-be and her parents. It was also intended to cement the relations between the two families, now that they have become one. How on earth did it translate to what is alleged as milking spree on the grooms side? Why is it so overrated that it becomes punitive to the parents of the groom?

Recently a man walked out of a marriage ceremony for what he termed as extortion.He was supposed to pick out his bride from a number of almost uniform sized girls and when he picked out the wrong one he was supposed to give 11000 shillings for the mess or rather for the missed target. Fed up,he just sneaked away. I think people should abolish these practices or have them remain just as a flavour to the occasion without attaching any monetary gain from it. This way the ceremony will be lovely and lively with no tension created by fear of what may prevail in case one misses on the bride.

Let us kindly use the bride prize for the purpose it was designed for and end up with happy marriages and strong family units, as we also uphold our african culture.

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