A lady was told to check if she really bought a puppy because in JHB they sell relaxed Rats as Dogs.

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A lady who loves pets, went to shine on Twitter with her new cute puppy that she purchased for R4 000, she stated that the puppy cost R4 000 but for now she has R2 500 a deposit, this lady must really love the puppy, "I bought myself a new baby. Pormerian pup...." She captioned her post.

The Twitter user goes by the name Lady_m could not wait until she had the full amount, instead, she preferred to buy it on installment, this puppy must be special to her, I mean like who buys a puppy that cost R4 000? The worse part these types of puppies are expensive to maintain. They attend doctors, bath with special soaps, you can their skins it got this cute different hair therefor you can not bath it with ordinary soap or just plain water.

Her post was landed to people's timeline, they were shocked and couldn't believe if one can buy an animal that so much money, @Abongil01874570 "Yhuuu my nephew needs this yhoo I don't know if is this expensive yhoo." He wrote. She told Abongilo that the puppy's original price is R4 000, the payment he sees in the screenshot is for deposit.

One tweep warned her that she should be careful when she buy such puppies because they scam people by selling them relaxed rats. @Patriot "In joburg you must double-check.... bangakunika igundwane eli relaxile." He wrote.

I don't think that's possible for one to start a business to scam by relaxing rats and selling them as puppies, it would be quite obvious to people that they are not buying puppies because a rat can not behave or have a dog instinct.

Image: Owner of the puppy.

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Source: https://twitter.com/PaulinaM1306/status/1460604035317354500?t=J_na2jLzUwpYmqusa-uN6g&s=19

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