"Tips" How Should a Husband Treat his wife


You may be earning more than her or she may be only a home-maker but that does not mean she is anyway inferior to you. 

The relationship of a husband and wife is that of equals, and always remember that she is no different from you. 

Let this ideology trickle down into your behaviour. How should a husband treat his wife? Treat her as an equal!

Always be appreciative of what she does, even if you know you do it better. Of you feel like it, you can show her how to do it better too. 

If she got an inferior hike at work than you, cheer and encourage her. If she got a better hike, tell her you’re proud of her. 

If she is a home-maker, appreciate her efforts, and tell her you would be absolutely lost without her. You will just make her day by doing so.

Do not ridicule her in any way if she is a little slow or a bit faster in her career progression path. 

If she is a home-maker, do not mock her by saying that she does not have any other work or sits free the entire day. 

Nothing more is going to hurt her than her life partner harshly mocking her.

So you loved that expensive home theater system peering at your from the glass walls of the store? Instead of making an impulsive purchase, calm your mind, go home, discuss with your wife, and come back to buy it together. 

Taking decisions together not just about knowing how should a husband treat his wife, but the very hallmark of a successful marriage, and one of the better ways to turn yours into a successful one.

Always consult your wife regarding every major or high-ticket purchase. Take her opinion, and ask her to list down her choices. Plan the purchase together, and make it a point to buy it together.

If your wife says no to something, do not get agitated about it, instead patiently understand her opinion. Also, never use words like ‘your opinion never matters’ or ‘I don’t care’. You are surely going to do some serious damage to your relationship by talking that way.

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