IN SHOCK|| Grandmother Kills Her Own Grandchild And Put The Body Inside Plastic Bag.

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A very tragic incident has left many South Africans wondering what is actually happening in the country.

A very heartbreaking incident has left South Africans speechless.People are left with no power after a video shared on social media showing a woman pointing where the body of her alleged grandchild.Apparently it is reported that the woman in the video, believed to be the grandmother killed her own grandchild.It is not clear what she used to kill her grandchild but it allegedly believed that the child was found stripped.

The body of the child was found in the bushes after the police requested the grandmother to show where she dumped the body.

This incident has got many people heartbroken and demand the grandmother to face serious charges.It is very disturbing that the grandmother allegedly killed her own grandchild and dumped the body in the bushes.

People are left fuming by the incident and hope the law takes serious charges towards the woman.

Source: Cindy Thabethe

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