Morning News; Bad News to all Kenyans as New Worrying Details About Covid-19 Infections Emerges

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The first case of covid-19 infections was reported in Wuhan, China before spreading to other countries. Many people including old and young people have lost their lives after contracting this virus. Some of the patients are still fighting for their lives in the hospital after contracting covid-19 infections.

According to the source, experts have broke the silence and issued new details about covid-19 infections. All Kenyans have being warned about another wave of covid-19 infections which is expected to hit the country soon. The wave is expected to hit most part of the country at the end of April and all Kenyans have being encouraged to stay safe.

Further, the government may issues New guidelines and measures if the 6th wave will be more worse. The government may decide to close some schools or even churches if more cases will be recorded in the country.

Let us come together and follow all guidelines from the ministry of health to reduce covid-19 infection in the country.

These are bad news to all Kenyans if the 6th wave hit the country and most Kenyans are not ready to follow all protocol from the ministry of health.

This just comes in after President Uhuru Kenyatta recently uplifted some covid-19 protocol.

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