Doctors Told Me I Will Die If I Fall On The Ground: Meet The Man Whose Bones Break Like Glass


We should always like the unknown, ironically, we have to familiarise ourselves with the uncertainties of life. Life can change at any moment of the day but God can change the fate of any moment on any day. We should know for a fact that anything changes and not remain the same forever.

Life and living it can sometimes be such threatening that many of us and I mean most of us are left with no option but to end it all with the aim of escaping the uncertainties of life. Ironically, nothing is compulsory in this life; not even death.

My name is Rebecca Bantie, a nursing training student at the Wa Nursing Training College, Wa and I write with a song on my lips and empathy coursing through my veins to inspire, the instinct to conquer, ambition to lift and educate, inform, and knock on the door of your problems, letting it know that you have inspiring stories to read and learn from.

Meet the 47-year-old man who was born somewhere in 1974 and goes by the name Sibamona Aloys suffering from a group of inherited disorders characterized by fragile bones that break easily known medically as Osteogenesis imperfecta. Osteogenesis imperfecta is caused by defective genes. These genes affect how the body makes collagen, a protein that helps strengthen bones.

Aloys as called says he was born with mental illness and while growing up he knew how to manage the said mental disorder until another group of inherited disorders also added to his woes.

Growing up in a poor family, Aloys was strong and could do any activity that could earn him money but as he grew his body also grew in pain and for him to still be alive is by God's grace. Now he has not been able to work to provide for himself. He added that the house in which he lives now was even provided by the community.

Aloys has a problem where his bones are always coming out of his body, his head is not that strong that a fall can cause his brain damage, and when he coughs blood comes out from his mouth and nose when he sneezes. According to him, he takes medication daily as a failure on a daily basis can even render him blind.

Doctors examined Aloys and made it known to him that he was born with cancer. At first, he has all wounds on his face and he went into transformations that surprised him. After several visits o the hospital, Aloys became financially unstable and couldn't meet up with medical appointments with the doctors.

Due to this condition, he is afraid of going anywhere apart from home because he might hurt himself by so doing and he is banned from moving out when it at night because when he falls he stands a greater chance of losing a bone thus breaking his bone.

This to shall pass is a passion adage used that reflects on the temporal nature of the human condition. Nothing in this world lasts forever, a current situation no matter how horrible it is will not last forever.


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