Life is not a game. A sad story of a young man


There lived a young boy who was born into a poor family. In their family, no one has need able to complete Tertiary ( University). At the age of 2 , his mother left the dad so he grew up not knowing her mother.

The father wash his clothes, bathing him and take care of him all because he Loved his child.

The boy was very brilliant. He was always among the top three best student in his class since basic school to the senior high school level. Indeed he was really good .

When he completed Junior high school, his father lost his job so it was very difficult for him to continue his education. It took the intervention of the Local Church to assist the dad to send the boy to school.

This Boy was God fearing and very intelligent so everyone liked him. Through and through he completed Senior high school with the schools best second grade.

After Several attempts to go to the university failed due to lack of funds, he decided to work and gather some money for his Education. It took him three years to be able to finally get the means to aquire university education.

At the university is where all things begun to fall apart. follow me as I will drop the part 2 soon.

God bless you.


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