The Government is watching you for a good cause.


We might think we live in a big world but the actual reality is that we live in a small world. We live in an era where information moves at a fast pace from one point to another through different platforms.

I always wonderd how l received messages from the government about COVID-19 without me providing them with my number. The truth of the matter is that they can track your number but you can opt out.

The Government released new amended regulations which allow the government to collect information via electronic systems or applications from South Africans for inclusion in the Covid-19 database, but only on a voluntary, opt-in basis.

Some have criticised this move saying it's an infringement to constitutional rights of privacy. The reality is that the government will not get your information if you don't opt in. 

According to the department of health "The National Department of Health may develop and implement electronic systems or applications to be used on mobile devices or computers in order to collect, on a voluntary basis, information from members of the public for inclusion in the COVID-19 Database.”

Yes they will keep track of you but it will only be on voluntary basis. The only reason the Government is watching you is for the sake of your health and to help fight them Corona virus , they say.