An Investor Reportedly In Tears After Realizing Five Bedroom House He Acquired For Millions Was a Scam


An Investor is reportedly counting loses after it dawned on him that a five-bedroom home he had bought for 19 million Kenya shillings was semi-permanent.

The investor whose name is not disclosed is said to have acquitted the house in the Coastal town of Mombasa.

Property in Mombasa is very high and therefore it is not a surprise that the investor paid such a huge amount of money to secure himself a house.

The house was well furnished and anybody could be duped to think that it is a permanent house. The roofing with nicely made iron sheets also supplemented the looks and made the house look more appealing.

What are your views on this sad incident? Why do you think somebody would do such an evil act on a fellow human being? And do you think the investor was just being too careless in buying such a house without some background check? With this kind of trend, would you not buy a house or would you prefer to put up your house from scratch?