Myths and Misconceptions around hybrid cars in Kenya

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Currently, there are many hybrid cars in Kenya. This is because most car manufacturers are producing hybrid versions of their best selling cars. Even though hybrids are fuel efficient, most people avoid them because of the false myths amd misconceptions they get from other road users. Below are some myths and misconceptions about hybrids in Kenya.

1. Replacing a hybrid battery is expensive.

This myth is totally true because replacing the hybrid battery pack of a Toyota Fielder hybrid costs about 170,000 kenyan shillings. However, a whole pack cannot be defective. If you look at the hybrid battery pack, you will realize that they are arranged in cells and the cells is what was designed to be replaced. There are diagnostic tools that one can use to identify the faulty cells and replace them without spending much.

2. You cannot install a cutout in a hybrid vehicle.

Since the current in a hybrid vehicle is of high voltage, most people believe that one cannot install a cutout in a hybrid. If you want to install a cutout in a hybrid, just make sure you visit a specialist since they know how the hybrid vehicle works.

3. Hybrids are very efficient on highways.

Hybrid cars are designed for city driving, and if you want to get the best fuel economy out of a hybrid, you should avoid the highway. This is because when you drive a hybrid in a highway, the combustion engine kicks in.

4. Hybrids are expensive to maintain.

Just because a car has the hybrid tag does not mean that it is more expensive to maintain. If you compare the maintenance costs of a hybrid Toyota Fielder and that of a non hybrid, you will realize that they are similar.

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