The Sharks Quiz: PRESEC Has "Defeated" AUGUSCO. Read More.

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Presbyterian Boys Senior High School is well noted for their excellence in all quizzes where they make an appearance. Today, the met Saint Augustine's College at the semi-final contents where each school were fighting in order to secure their place in the finals.

The first round was about General Knowledge where each school were given a maximum of eight questions to answer. In this round,, Presbyterian Boys Senior High School managed to secure 60 mark out of the 80 marks whiles Augusco secured 20 marks.

The second round was about Writing and arithmetic, that is, English and maths only. PRESEC had 55 marks whiles Augusco had 10 marks.

The third round was the STEM round where students are asked questions around science. PRESEC gained 80 marks whiles Augusco gained 20 marks.

The last round was the one-on-one round. PRESEC had 30 whiles Augusco had 0.

PRESEC led in all rounds and had 225 marks whiles AUGUSCO had only 80 marks.

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