South Africa To Make its own Game of Thrones

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Film editor and visual effects expert Zhelyaz Tomov is currently working with Nizaam Ackerman and Amanda Dlamini from South Africa (from Cape Town) to develop the concept of South African TV shows. Netflix Africa original series, the title is this is a conflict-torn dystopian South Africa, and has been in this role for seven centuries. 

 South Africa I told a 39-year-old Bulgarian film editor living in Berlin that I wanted to make this TV show a reality. 

 Netflix Africa original: SA dystopian science fiction "perfect arena" 

 has been in pre-production, the series was created after the team learned about Netflix's African original part. 

 "We want to do something unique. South Africa has a complex past and present, providing the perfect background for dystopian science fiction stories," Zhelyaz said. 

 "Because everyone speaks English, this helps to open the story to an international audience. There are amazing South African actors who will definitely bring the story to life in some way, and there are millions of actors. It resonates with people. 

 Zhelyaz said that he has served as an editor for several international awards. One of the works "Road to Olympia" premiered at the 40th Durban International Film Festival in July 201. One of the things I taught him was how to create such works. 

 "The most important goal is to make the audience happy, so that the audience can focus on the story. Our daily life is tired enough, when we watch movies and movies, we need the content to be valuable." 

 This is what he wants ... 

 Maintaining audience interest 

 "Editing is an important part of achieving this goal. When people feel that historical construction is too slow and retrogressive, they will feel bored. When there are too many stories and too many upgrades, people will feel exhausted and bored at some point. This is especially important for TV series with stories spanning multiple episodes and multiple seasons. Everyone wants the audience to lose interest after episode 2. Not here. "The same is true for 

. Ultimately, this will be a 10-episode doomsday drama set in a South African dystopia 700 years later. 

 "Editing allows us to find the right balance between tension and story structure. Sometimes we can accelerate and decelerate as needed. We can exclude some lines and scenes, etc.. Cross-sectional scenes, which are through simple montages or through time ramps, etc. Technical skills tell sub-story. 

 "Sometimes, even small and subtle things can have a huge impact on rhythm and storytelling. When I tried to put this knowledge into practice when I was writing again, the script and story had been optimized and attracted the attention of the audience. "

 Zhelyaz said the producer is meeting with different people to complete everything for the pilot. 

" I am currently discussing with the concept artist to visualize the character and the world based on the reference images I provided. There is no design, and since the entire series takes place in the future, they all have to be created from scratch. 

 The first African sci-fi series of this scale 

 When the series received widespread attention, Zhelyaz stated that it would be the first African sci-fi series of this scale. 

 "Hope you can get a story in a way that resonates internationally. When the green light comes on, you will see the first African sci-fi series of this scale. Advanced content people realize that they are not limited to American shows, This will increase interest in works produced in Africa and South Africa because they can shine like Western shows."

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