Congratulations Mr Gardee Goodrich, May you do Better Than Dali Mpofu in Representing Your Clients

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A Pan-Africanist Law company is presented to you. We are not judging our customers who are for courts; we dedicate ourselves to providing superior legal services without fear, privilege or prejudice.

Head of congratulations, inspire and do not apologize for being a pro-Black and supporting Black agenda. Apart from politics, I wish you the best for Gardee Goodrich's lawyers. May you do better than Dali Mpofu, without fear or favor, or money or status, to represent your customers. Mr. GG, that's quite beautifully done. I remember constantly saying "Yes sit down to Mr. Zupta" was so motivating that I wish you every success I've always wanted you. Sir

Seeing what his passion is, he holds the BTech degree in Internal Audit at TUT, he has felt in Love with Law during his career. At his older age, he decided to move his profession from commercial to law. The ball is in your hands. It's a gorgeous story inspiring. Feedback is in order GG. The leaders of the EFF study hard if the ANC leaders spoil public finances and resources. The EFF governs the country and motivates people to follow their goals while ANC still conceals its little skull in the sand.

What I appreciate about EFF is that these guys who study support the empowerment of their own, something that whites take away from us is education, but they want to study they know what they are talking about every time.

EFF leadership is equipped for the difficult days ahead and makes education trendy and young people who are progressive and transformative are going to take an excellent example. Do you know what South Africans need? I congratulate Mr Gardee again. Once again. Mr Gardee, your achievement is the triumph of a black man, we greet you.

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