Surrender Your Goblins Before It’s Too Late, Zim Prophet Orders Ramaphosa Ministers

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Some Zimbabweans who are living in South Africa have invested their emotions in South Africa. Perhaps they believe that it is their last hope after the Zimbabwean failed them. One Zimbabwean pastors have send a message to to some of ministers of Ramaphosa 's cabinet accusing them of owning tokoloshes. Not sure if it is true of false but the prophet strongly believe that with his cabinet some Minsters won tokoloshes.

The prophet says, he will love to meet Cyril Ramaphosa because he believes that he is a good man unfortunately his cabinet got rotten apples that spoil the whole basket. 

"Those ministers are stealing public funds to buy houses for their sangomas, one of his ministers is in trouble with his goblin and the other one – her goblin feeds drinks blood of senior officials. Those ministers must surrender their goblins. said, Makomichi

He said, he will kill their goblins, if they want him to do so, and he will give them holy oil for protection. These ministers joined cults and they are destroying the people of South Africa. 

It is believed the prophet got the power to power to move mountains and fill up empty wells.

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