See What Diamond Platnumz's Sister Did To Her Husband Barely 3 Months After Wedding - See Photos

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Tanzanian Bongo star Diamond Platnumz's sister, Esma Platnumz has confirmed walking away from her marriage with Msizwa. The two had walked down the aisle barely six months ago in a private ceremony where only family and close friends were invited.

In a Question and Answer (Q&A) session on her page, Esma, who married Msizwa on July. she has opted out of the relationship because her estranged husband was hitting on every woman on his Instagram page” .I wanted to learn a lesson. For you to learn some lessons in life, you must offer yourself as sacrifice.”

No no no that's where u got it all wrong,listen lemme tell you,in marriage you don't seem to offer yourself as a scape goat just because you want to deliberately learn some lessons for yourself,The sacrifice ain't worth it cos the man you got married to is already an he goat, you don't expect a polygamous man to be 100 percent truthful to you.

Now this your present ex husband,got carried away because you are a sister to a celebrity which is diamond,what do you expect,men must be men,men are known to cheat, especially those whose life is filled with wayward activities and who lack the fear of God,I will not advise you to brake up the marriage which you have already done cos you won't see a perfect man out there whom you dream off,what you have to do is to ascertain him, condone him,love him, marriage is for Better for worse.

Teach him,make him realise you are his wife no matter what, divorcing him after just three months of marriage just because he chats with female folks on Instagram makes you noting but a weak Empty vessel who lacks impact,who lacks patients,who lacks the qualities of a good wife.

Has she now learnt her lesson that the problem is not the men but her who is too full of herself to marry a common or young down to earth man with potential, even if she marry such it is control she want.


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