Opinion: 8 Main Reasons Why Most beautiful and Smart ladies are Single for Long


Relationship issues sometimes are complex. The question as to why most beautiful and smart girls are opting not to be in any relationship has always erupted. This sounds like a joke to most girls, but they have substantial reasons to stay single.

In a developed country like United States of America, statistically there are more single ladies than married women.

Here are 7 reasons why they prefer being single.

1. Most Beautiful Ladies are Working and own Businesses.

Being financially independent has made most girls see relationships as of no use. Once a lady gets everything she wants, the idea of looking for a partner becomes an option. This idea is efficient than waiting for a husband to provide.

2. Ladies have aspirations for time freedom

Cooking for a family seems to be tiresome. Ladies prefer going to a restaurant and eat instead of being waited by a husband and children to cook. Most girls go for recreational centers and give time to themselves. Their freedom is highly valued.

3. Ladies are becoming stable Emotionally

Women are becoming more exposed and educated. Joking about their singleness don't care to them. Since life gives them equal chances as men makes them strong. Women are now ready to sleep alone in bed without any disturbance from a man. They engage themselves in more important things and have no time for relationships.

4. Ladies are opting for alternatives

Women are living with groups of their female friends and share more of their lives with them. They make friends and believe on them rather than going for a man. Nobody would judge them.

5. Ladies have heightened their living standards.

With the high level of education women are engaging in, their standard level are heightened. No woman wants a man who would lower their living standards. For instance if a lady gets all the education to the par and becomes a Professor while still single, she is most likely to lack a matching man of her standards who has not married.

6. Ladies are becoming smarter than men.

Men are afraid of bright and beautiful ladies. They think they are expensive to maintain and might face several competitors. It is always true but this has landed most of such ladies single. Women becoming smarter in argument and reasoning capacity, they outshine men and find themselves being dumped.

7. Modern Ladies are leaving their cultures behind.

With the freedom and equality in education, most girls are adapting the western cultures. The initial necessity of getting married is eroding. Depending on different cultures, women have come out of them and even live away from their homes. This has led them to forget their cultures and do what they think fit for them.

8. Ladies are entering to careers that are time demanding.

Careers like for Pilots, police and several demanding careers have contributed to most women being single. What could be other reasons? Add two reasons in the comments section.

Shadiikirui kenya_public@operanewshub.com