Violent prayers to disgrace stubborn problems CHAPTER ONE PAGE THREE

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This is a book by TD Jakes.

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It is crystal clear therefore, that whenever a situation has a deep demonic root we must employ the ministry of conflict to tackle it. Evil spirits can remain in obscurity for decades. They can wait patiently until the time of their operation is due. They can remain concealed until something provokes or activates them to commence operation:

We have dealt with lots of cases which were brought into the open as a result of being challenged through aggressive warfare prayers. The victims of such problems came to the church and prayed like others. They also went back to their houses to continue such fervent prayers. As a result of such continual fervent prayers, the spirits that were formerly residents in them became challenged.


Such powers would become angry and begin to react violently. If you step on a broken bottle and you are given some first aid treatment you cannot be completely free from the effect of such broken bottles until the pieces of the bottle are removed from your leg. If you scratch the place the pain will come back. This will show you that the solution is grossly unsatisfactory.

Spiritual warfare is directed against powers of darkness; not towards a person. If you are warring against human beings you are wasting spiritual times. If you want to wage a successful spiritual warfare in the spiritual realm, you must discern your enemy.


You must ask yourself the following questions.

What is the problem?

Is it a natural malfunctioning of the human body?

Is it a curse?

Is the victim under conscious or unconscious covenants?

Is the victim demonised?

Is he suffering as a result of a self-inflicted curse?

Is he suffering because of the activities of drinkers of blood and eaters of flesh?

Is the problem caused by household enemies?

Can it be traced to being bewitched by demons, witches and wizards?

Is there an enemy in the camp of the victim?

If the root is unknown, the problem may remain forever. Many people's problems are persistent because they are unable to identify the root of what they are going through.


Many people who come to church are unable to detect the source of their problems. The enemy has succeeded in putting cataract in their eyes so that they will not see. Satan has blinded many people with lack of vision. The enemy has placed a strongman in charge of many peoples' cases. Such demonic strongmen are deaf to weak prayer commands which are issued against them.

Mechanical prayers will amount to sowing seed on hard concrete. No matter how regularly you water a seed that is sown on concrete it will never grow. No matter how effective your fertilizer is, it will not make any seed to grow if the seed is sown on the wrong soil. The most experienced farmer in the world will not succeed in growing seed on a rock. Such seeds will not grow once there is no contact between the soil and the seed.


It is unfortunate that the devil has erected concrete slabs on the lives of many people. The presence of such concrete slabs can be both dangerous and frustrating. Unless you crack the concrete open you may not be able to grow any seed successfully. All concretes must be cracked open so that the good seed which God wants to plant in your life will grow and fourish.

If what I have said so far describes your situation it means that you are qualified for the ministry of conflict.

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