2 Teams That Has Qualified For The Round Of 16 And 1 That Has Exited The UEFA Champion's League

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The first day of the UEFA Champions league Match day 4 has been concluded with some scintillating results from across the venues.

As at the completion of today's fixtures, 2 teams has automatically booked their place in the Round of 16 of the competition while one team has been officially been evicted from this year's UEFA Champions league.

These 2 qualified teams are:

1. Juventus FC: the Italian Seria A club is in Group H alongside Chelsea football club, Zenit Saint Petersburg. Currently Juventus leads the group with 12 points while Chelsea follows closely with 9 points. Zenit are 3rd with 3 points. The point gap between the 3rd placed team which is Zenit and Juventus is 9 points. So with 2 games which will only guarantee just 6 points is left to be played, Juventus can never go below the 2nd position again.

2. Bayern Munich: the German Bundesliga champions are paired in Group E with Barcelona football club, Benfica and Dynamo Kyiv. Bayern Munich has 12 points, Barcelona FC has 6 points, Benfica has 4 points, while Dynamo Kyiv has just 1 point. Comparison between the number of points accumulated by Bayern Munich and the 3rd placed team, Benfica is 8 points. If Benfica win all their remaining 2 fixtures, they won't still get up to 8 points. So Bayern Munich has already qualified for the knockout phase of this season's UEFA Champions league.

The team that has official exited the competition is Malmo FF. The team is in Group H with Chelsea football club, Juventus FC and Zenit Saint Petersburg. Only 2 teams can qualify from each group. So since Malmo has 0 point and the 2nd placed team, Chelsea FC has 9 points, it is impossible for Malmo FF to gather up to 9 points from the 2 remaining matches. So they are out of the competition.

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