Check out Baptism Pictures of Nana Agradaa. (Photos)


Former Fetish priestess Nana Agradaa has been baptized into her new found faith. She was baptized in a swimming pool in a solemn proclamation of her conversion story.

She publicly denounced her gods in public after her arrest by National Security and National Communication Authority over alleged breach in procedures for running televisions. News of her public renouncement came viral with people having varying reactions. Just yesterday, a video surfaced online where she was seen burning her gods.

Some say her conversion is a decoy to continue her new venture of church business Some also hold the view that her conversion could be true as people do change making recourse to the story of Paul in the Bible.

She was baptized by Pastor Joseph Kyre after twenty and over years of practising idolatry. It's only time that will reveal whether what we are seeing as true or mere display of tales.