Twene Jonas Exposed In A Facebook Live Video By Kumasi Based Blogger


Many people believe that the woes of Ghana stem from bad leadership which she has been under for a very long time. Ghana have some years suffer under some influences emanated from colonial contraption of ethnic nations. As a result, leadership has been lacking in many facets of life in Ghana. Our leaders have not been realistic and so they have not been able to use their respective methods to sort things out. Sadly, these leaders have rallied around themselves and it has made the difference only for them.

The poor leadership skills of our leaders has been Twene Jonas' aka the system is working 24/7 message lately. He has gone so wild on politicians and chiefs who he believes are managing the country poorly. In the these few days he has thrown hard punches on Asantehene (Otumfuor) accusing him in the galamsey business.

He has succeeded in dividing the country into two as majority of Ghanaians are rallying behind him. He has been named as the youth president among other heroic names. A section of Ghanaians also frown on his protest as a result of the insult he has added.

A Kumasi based blogger who operate under the name ElmediaGh on Facebook has exposed the Twene Jonas disgracefully. He seems to know so much about Twene Jonas as he tries to name where he comes from in Kumasi. He also mentions that Twene Jonas suffers from BedWetting among other things.

The link of the video has been pasted below.