'Marikiti' Mombasa Burns Down, Fire Brigade Arrive On Time


Fire Brigade Team Alongside Residents Trying To Salvage Property On The On Going Fire Outbreak At 'Marikiti' Mombasa(I/C)

News coming in state that 'Markiti' in Mombasa County is up in flames,. The fire that started two hours ago has seen county fire brigade called inn arriving early and rescue process began,few residents have also chipped inn.

The exercise that is still ongoing has in several shops destroyed as well as property of a known value lost. The police are also part of the team that is busy trying to control things and prevent looters from stealing. It has not yet been confirmed what the cause may have been but once the situation is come investigations will begin.

Business men and women who own property in this vicinity have also coming to help out salvage what they can. The Kenya power and lightning company has switched off electricity to avoid more spread.

We are still awaiting for more information and once we receive it will deliver it to you. In the meantime no casualties have been reported.

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