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Some people don't know the right time to greet. How can I be urinating on the road and you still greet me? Can't you pretend that you didn't see me?My crush wedding

Me:Your first love left you when you were broke and later came back kneeling down asking for forgiveness. As a guy will you accept her back When the uncle who is contributing nothing during the ruracio starts saying, money is not a problem for us Me and my boys chilling with no toes after our trip from Zimbabwe Me when I think of all the good things the lord has done so far. After your mom beats your *ss in front of your friend and you all go back to playing A car traveling north goes from rest to 100km.h¹ in 6s. What is the acceleration of the car

Me:When you flirt a girl without knowing that her boyfriend is the one texting you Why does it hurt when you accidentally bite your tongue, and it doesn't hurt when you bite it on purpose... also why are you biting your tongue right now?

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