Opinion: As far as marriage is concerned, It is a "sin" to be born a female in Nigeria


During marriage sermons, most times, the woman is told 101 ways of pleasing your husband and how to make a good wife, but none on how to make a good husband. That explains why we have loads of uncaring, unloving, uncompromising husbands around.

The patriarch society we live in has prepared many "tags" for the ladies to wear once they step into marriage but the men's neck is always without a single tag. It is the duty of the women to be faithful while the men have the duty of licensing their penis for community service (after all, men are polygamous and promiscuous in nature). The women are the home builders while the men are the home destroyers, after all the women are there to build that which they are destroying.

Women are to forgive their cheating husbands when the men are caught in the act. They are to pray for their cheating husbands to change but when a woman is caught, no one tells the husband to pray for the wife to change.

Men? No, a man cannot forgive a cheating wife. Why should a woman even cheat at all? She should be ashamed to even house the thought of cheating not to talk of acting it out.

And so on...

Tell me why this society of us don't need serious emancipation? To even think that most of our 'cheated' and marginalized women see nothing wrong in the position they have been placed by the society in marriage, makes it so unbelievable. Most of our ladies are very okay in that position. That explains why some of them would mortgage their value and worth for a man who don't really worth it. It is a mind thing!

Ladies and ladies, haven't you seen the harm done to you already? Will you continue to stay in that world of mental slavery? When will you free yourself? When will you think outside the box? Religion? Oh, that is another trapper entirely. I wouldn't want to talk about it. When someone like me tries to talk sense into their heads, they will quote Bible and Qur'an for me. They will lecture me on how a single man is not qualified to give counsel about marriage.

Hmmmm... The harm has been done already. The question now is, will you allow this sickness to be transfered into the upcoming generation? Will you channel all your efforts towards the girl child alone on how she can be a good wife without dragging in your male children into that marriage class on how to make a good husband?

It begins with you. It is a fight that must be fought by whoever that is in place of opinion moulding. All hands must be on deck. This sickness must be cured with sane emancipating enlightenment.

Think about it!

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